100 and 500 Mile Club - 2023 Challenge

100 and 500 Mile Club - 2023 Challenge

2023 Challenge

Maybe you can't run 100 miles all at once, but you CAN do it in a year. Log your runs with any fitness app or document your activity with a picture throughout the year and we'll record it on our leader board!

100 Mile Club: You'll have one year to run 100 miles. 

500 Mile Club: Want to go even further? You'll have a year to run, row, and bike 125 miles each, and swim 50 miles. The last 75 miles are a "wild card", where you choose the activity.

Email Fitness Coordinator Kevin Seaver at kevin.seaver@nps.edu for more details.
Competition is open now!

Active Duty members assigned to NSA Monterey and its tenant commands (Naval Postgraduate School) have the option to get a discounted pool pass for lap swimming at the Monterey Sports Center Complex Pool. Passes can be obtained at the front desk of the Monterey Bay Athletic Club (Main Gym) during normal hours.