Child Development Center

NSA Monterey Child Development Center is proudly accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and certified by the Department of Defense Programs. We utilize the "Creative Curriculum" which sets children up for a positive lifetime of learning. CDC offers full-day child care and hourly care.


Navy CYP Philosophy is to provide high quality educational and recreational programs for children and youth. Teams of caring, knowledgeable professionals plan developmentally appropriate programs that are responsive to the unique needs, abilities and interests of children.


You may go directly to the waiting list program by visiting Using the drop down menu, fill in the pertinent information and follow the steps to request care.  


Fees are based on the total family income. For full day programs payments are due on the first and fifteenth day of the month in advance of services.  Hourly care is paid the time services are provided, prior to dropping your child off for hourly care.

Parent Involvement Board

Parent Involvement Board meets  quarterly in February, May, August, and November.  The dates are included in the annually published Parent Participation Plan.  Meetings are held at the Tech Connection (1222 Leahy Rd., Bldg. 444) from 12:15-1:00 pm unless otherwise posted.

Child Development Center Programs

Infant Program (6 weeks to 1 year old)

The infant program has a ratio of 1 caregiver to 4 infants with a room capacity of 8 children.  We provide  experiences designed to help promote, strengthen and enhance your child’s physical,emotional, social and cognitive development. A great deal of time is spent on the floor playing, and exploring our world – taking in sights and sounds and textures, sorting them out and making new discoveries about how things work. In our program you will see staff guiding and encouraging the learning process by ensuring that the environment is safe, warm and responsive.

Pre-Toddler Program (ages 1-2 years old)

Our pre-toddler program has a ratio of 1 caregiver to 5 children with a room capacity of 10 children. We provide opportunities for children to explore and socialize with others. Children are encouraged learn at their own pace and to gain a sense of independence. Through play, we practice new skills and offer many interesting objects to examine, explore and direct their developing curiosity. Language rich experiences are provided throughout the day.

Toddler Program (ages 2-3 years old)

Our toddler program has a ratio of 1 caregiver to 7 children with a room capacity of 14 children. We believe in providing a developmentally appropriate learning experience through active exploration and movement both indoors and out. The children are offered varied experiences to enhance their rapidly developing language skills through books, music, finger plays, nursery rhymes and story time. Fine motor activities are provided through sorting activities, play dough, block building, painting, creative art experiences and manipulatives. We prepare the environment to allow predictability and repetition to enhance learning. Through play, daily routine and planned learning experiences, we assist children in developing their skills and independence.

Full Day Preschool Program (ages 3-5 years old)

In our full – day preschool classrooms, room capacity is 24 children with a ratio of 1 caregiver to 12 children. Navy programs offer a multi-age grouping of 3 to 5 year olds with teachers who are trained to individualize and enhance each child’s development, helping the child scaffold in skills and experiences.  In a multi-age setting, children are free to develop their social and emotional skills based on individual progress while learning how to actively participate in a cooperative and collaborative group setting. Pre-academic skills are offered through developmentally appropriate planning and each child is viewed as an active learner in the process.  Print-rich environments, with phonemic practice opportunities, STEM experiences, gross motor skill development and socio-dramatic play opportunities


Child Development Home Programs

Child Development Homes are an alternative to center-based care for children 6 weeks through 12 years. Child Development Homes assist parents by providing a warm, family setting in which children can participate in developmentally appropriate learning activities as well as home-life experiences.

The Child Development Home program is offered through the Army Certified Family Child Care Program. For more information, on Family Child Care Homes or to become  provider in your home call Army Child and Youth Services at 831-242-7765.